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Your next girlfriend lives in your phone!

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mobile bohemian is a person who has integrated mobile technology, primarily smartphones, into their daily lifestyle as a means of expanding their social network, gaining immediate access to information, staying connected, and capturing details of their daily lives in real-time.[1][2][3] Mobo, another term for mobile bohemian, was inspired from David Brooks’ term bobo, as expanded in Bobos in Paradise[4] and his sequel On Paradise Drive in 2004.[5]

Mobile bohemians typically interact with their mobile devices during normal social situations, multitasking with text messages, tweets and web access. Their lifestyle is characterized as being very spontaneous and collaborative. Also referred to as digital nomads, although this term usually focuses on work-related tasks and environments.

So for our purposes here at MOBO GAMES we are focused on creating great entertainment for the millions of Mobile Bohemians around the world. We hope that you’ll enjoy our products as they become available.



Posted: September 14, 2011 in Mobo Games

There is not much to say yet other than “Coming Soon” … What is coming soon you ask? Well of course only the coolest most unique mobile phone game ever made! Ha Ha Well maybe it won’t be THE coolest or THE most unique but it will certainly turn some heads (we hope).

The first game we are releasing from our productions is called MOBO GIRL in case anyone was wondering! MOBO GIRL is based on the theme of “virtual dating” sort of and Reality TV (sort of). What we do know is that people who download and play MOBO GIRL should have a good time getting to know Holly Weber who is not only the “subject” of our first game but is also one of the co-founders of our company!

Holly Weber started out in the modeling business and has graced the pages of numerous fitness and popular entertainment magazines such as FHM, MAXIM and IGN and more recently has appeared in such blockbuster movies as Fast and Furious 4, Frost Nixon and The Ugly Truth. A true beauty who has opened up her “private” life for MOBO GIRL. Players can experience a real life-like dating experience with a Hollywood model/actress without getting into trouble and losing half their stuff to divorce!